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        Protect your Windows 10 PC with 360 Total Security

        Fully compatible with your Windows 10

        Real-time Protection for your Windows 10 PC

        Equipped with 5 award-winning security engines, 360 Total Security offers your Windows 10 devices real-time protection against all emerging and existing threats.

        Recommended Antivirus for Windows 10 by Microsoft

        360 Total Security is on Microsoft’s recommended Antivirus list for Windows 10. Supporting all Windows 10 machines, we stop spyware, viruses, rootkits, and other malware to get in your way.

        Best usability and lowest system impact

        With the state of the anti virus detection technology, user-friendly interface, and extremely low impact on your PC performance, 360 Total Security offers the best PC security and system optimization solution.

        It’s Free Forever!

        360 Total Security provides all the protection you need. We also offer extra features such as remote assistance, Internet protection add-on and a firewall - and all these services are FREE, just as our commitment to our users.

        Download the best Free Antivirus for your Windows 10 devices

        360 Total Security secures your privacy, keeps your data safe, and ensures your PC free from all online threats.